The Shadow Crypts

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Splatter Dungeon Work in Progress

Today’s map is another experiment after the sharpie dungeon posted earlier this week. This time I’m trying out a heavy black outline and “splatter” effect around it. I also went with a black half-tone pattern for the shadows instead of the usual grey smooth tone.

The Shadow Crypts
The Shadow Crypts (300 dpi promotional)

The shadow crypts are perpetually swathed in darkness – light sources brought within only provide 1/4 of the normal light and especially for flickering sources like torches it appears as if the shadows are constantly reaching out to try to extinguish the source entirely.

Worse, this darkness is especially effective against creatures relying on darkvision / infravision / etc, where it seems like a black fog that brings down visibility to 5 feet at best.

The Shadow Crypts (1200 dpi)
The Shadow Crypts (1200 dpi)

Of course, there are reasons to enter the darkness. There is supposedly a portal down here that leads to…

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