4 video game sequels that let me down

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As a gamer, there are few things worse than greatly anticipating a release that ultimately lets you down. But one of those few things worse is when that title is a sequel to a game that you love dearly.

Because then you’ve gone from being overjoyed that you’re about to get the next chapter to follow up a game that you’ve had a great time with. You want more! You want to see improvements but also more of the same spirit! And so you follow its development closely for months or years and you circle its release date on the calendar.

And then it’s just a let-down. Either it’s a stinker or it’s barely adequate — a shadow of the great experience you enjoyed before.

I was thinking of this the other day and several examples quickly jumped to my mind:

Majesty 2

As you well know, the original Majesty…

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