Temple of the Seven Children

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Temple of the Seven

The temple of the Seven Children celebrates the faith and the faithful of a small pantheon of gods who rose up to slay their parents and protect and guide their followers.

Temple of the Seven Children
Temple of the Seven Children (300 dpi promotional)

The temple itself is built around a massive central dome. The north end of this temple is dedicated to the five main deities of the pantheon, while the eldest two (The God of Sorrow and the Goddess of Wrath) each have their own alcoves because of their darker aspects.

Temple of the Seven Children
Temple of the Seven Children (1200 dpi)

The temple is rumoured to be built over a great treasury of relics and gold that the priesthood have collected over the eras. The reality is the central sanctum contains very plain clay jars with the cremated remains of priests, heroes, and some of the faithful. These are revered and respected so much that others…

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