Old School “Non-Repro Blue” Maps

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Join the Blue Club
Join the Blue Club

There is a cargo-cultish love for “old school blue” maps within the OSR. Personally I can’t stand them because my eyes are shitty and high contrast is the best contrast for me (seriously, last time I ran Village of Hommlet* I had to grab Temple of Elemental Evil just to get the black and white map of the village).

(Spellcheck wants me to replace Hommlet with Hotmelt. And you know what? Part of me wants to do that next time I run the adventure.)

Non-Repro-Blue Shadow Crypts
Non-Repro-Blue Shadow Crypts

And really, the blue maps are low contrast for a reason. They are specifically done in what is known as “Non-Repro Blue” or “Non-Photo Blue” because photocopiers of the 70s and 80s generally couldn’t pick up this shade of blue, acting as an old-school anti-piracy measure. This is why the best graph paper is a pale blue colour as…

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