D&D Diary – The Sunless Citadel – Session 4

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Our heroes lose half their team, and then have to fight the mad druid and his homicidal plants. And vampires!

TFTYP Cover titleAll the faces in the background are badguys, but there is no one from Sunless Citadel here. They claim that the female elf on the left is, but she’s not.

When last we left our heroes, they had descended down into the Grove level of the Citadel, they killed some things, they collected a few more zoo specimens, they pocketed some treasure, and Regizar turned bat-sh!t crazy. His player, Andrew, had been trying to work out a new take on his character and it didn’t end well. Chaotic Neutral never ends well.

In fact, this whole adventure has been a mess, but it is not the module’s fault. I blame 2020. Everything is 2020’s fault! We started this dungeon in March and we are still in it in October…

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