Esothil’s Sanctum

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Old ruins of a prior civilization in cut yellow stone, it is believed that this is where the lich-prince Esothil emerged from when his madness consumed him and lead him into a swath of destruction across the Principalities of Black Sphinx Bay.

Eothil's Santum (300dpi promo)
Esothil’s Santum (300dpi promo)

Standing over the scree and debris of the half-collapsed ruins, a walkway and platforms rises 25 feet above the floor of the sanctum. Piles of rubble from the collapsed sections of wall and cleared areas on the floor indicate that the sanctum was not just looted at some point, but likely played home to a small archaeological team sponsored by the Coven of the Moon Unseen.

Esothil's Sanctum (1200 dpi)
Esothil’s Sanctum (1200 dpi)

Now a renegade witch of that same coven has returned to the Sanctum along with a small team of mercenaries and a few loyal lower-circle warlocks of the order. They believe that the statue…

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