Monster Mania: Nothic

The Dungeoneer's Journal

It seems that there is no shortage of spellcasters looking to achieve a higher form of existence through arcane means, and while some are able to attain monstrous power others are tricked into a life of horror and isolation. A Nothic is the result of a spellcaster experimenting with dark magics and is ultimately cursed into their new form. When a Nothic is created it has no recollection of its past life nor its expertise in the use of the arcane. The only semblance of their old life is the Nothic’s almost magnetic pull towards areas with concentration of magical knowledge or energy.

Because of this transformation Nothics may lose their magical prowess, but gain enhanced physical attributes in the form of improved sight and claws. What is left of their spellcasting has been adapted into their physicality, specifically Nothics have the ability to ascertain weaknesses in their adversaries and…

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