8 Reasons You Should Buy an Xbox Series X

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Xbox Series X Fridge
Source: Xbox

In my last post, I covered the top 10 next gen PlayStation exclusives so I thought it only fair that I make a post covering the other half of the console war, highlighting the 8 reasons you should buy an Xbox Series X (or S).

The previous gen console war was less of a war and more of a slaughter, with the PS4 coming out on top. This coming gen looks as though it will be a lot closer, with Microsoft seemingly learning a number of lessons from their botched Xbox One reveal. Everything from the Series X’s specs to optional services have received massive revamps this time around, leaving gamers with a tough decision to make.

8.The Most Powerful Next Gen Console

Xbox Series X Hero image
Source: Xbox

In terms of raw, on paper hardware, Xbox Series X is more powerful than the PS5 (albeit slightly). If you’re looking for the…

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