The Overlook Cave

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Overlook Cave WIP

The side cavern from the deeper sections of the old dungeon had a surprise at the end. An area of worked stone & masonry in what appeared to be a gallery with a chamber looking down over it 25 feet above. Portions of the cavern had collapsed and other sections appear washed away. The suggestion is that this gallery significantly predates most of the rest of the dungeon and might have been discovered accidentally.

Overlook Cave 300dpi
Overlook Cave (300dpi promo)

Ancient stone chambers act as home to newer residents though. And the lack of stairs is no impediment to a grell. In the main chamber beneath the overlook and in the caves off of it are a number of “grellfolk” – grimlocks in service to the grell who decorate themselves with fake beaks and wear their hair curly to try to resemble the grell’s brain-like structure.

Overlook Cave (1200 dpi)
Overlook Cave (1200 dpi)

The grimlocks…

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