Original D&D: Where It All Started (The 1975 White Box in photos)

Wayne's Books

The Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game began as a set of three Little Brown Books in a small format box (1974-9), written by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson.

From there the very popular RPG would be revised repeatedly into different iterations. (In 1978-9, three different D&D rules sets were in print! TSR Hobbies had OD&D, Holmes Basic D&D, and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, all available for sale)

If you’re curious about the other editions, visit my RPG reference site, specifically the D&D and AD&D pages.

But back to the original set (OD&D). What I have today in photos is a 5th print White Box.

(The first three printings had faux woodgrain graphics. See photo left. They sell to collectors for thousands of dollars these days.)

Visit The Acaeum’s OD&D page to identify printings. Very detailed.

OD&D referred the player to the Chainmail book for…

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