Forgotten TV Gems: Dungeons and Dragons: The Animated Series

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Fear not: Ranger, Barbarian, Magician, Thief, Cavalier, and Acrobat. That was Venger, the force of evil. I am Dungeon Master, your guide in the realm of Dungeons and Dragons.

Raise your hand if you knew D&D was once adapted for television in the early 80s.

The popular tabletop role-playing game came to life in an 1983 animated series produced by Marvel Productions and TSR. The series ran for three seasons on CBS and follows the adventures of six children who are transported to the “realm of Dungeons & Dragons” after they ride a dark magical roller coaster. Once transported into the titular realm, they encounter the Dungeon Master, who gives each of the children a magical item to help them in their quest to return home and defend themselves against villains Tiamat, a fearsome five headed female dragon and Venger, a dark wizard and son of…

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