The Borderlands Caves – Level 1

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The Borderlands Caves are a complex of natural and creature-“built” caverns and associated dungeons where more “civilized” folk added their own living, working, and worshiping spaces to the caves.

Borderlands Caves - Level 1 300 dpi promotional no commercial license
Borderlands Caves – Level 1 (300 dpi promotional no commercial license)

This is only one entrance into the Borderlands Caves, but the most obvious one. The caves here were used as the base for a structure by the demon-worshiping Semut clans during the peak of their civilization – with some work done on the surrounding caves to incorporate them into the complex. The plan was the turn the whole façade of the entry into a huge demonic temple entry leading to worship sites, an underground auditorium, and lower levels dedicated to imprisoning heretics and to secret summoning and research chambers for senior members of the cult.

Borderlands Caves (1200 dpi)
Borderlands Caves – Level 1 (1200 dpi)

There are access points to the lower levels…

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