10 upcoming MMOs I’m excited about (part 2)

Bio Break

Last week got away from me — gee, wonder why? — and I didn’t get around to finishing up my 10 most anticipated MMO or MMO expansion releases for 2021 list. To recap, my first five were New World, Elder Scrolls Online’s unnamed expansion, Book of Travels, Magic Legends, and LOTRO: Gundabad.

Let’s finish it out with…

An officially authorized City of Heroes fan server

Yes, we have a playable City of Heroes emulator right now — many of them, in fact. But they’re still not legitimate, a fact that kind of sours my enthusiasm to engaging with Homecoming on a long or regular basis. Talks have been in the works with NCsoft to license or legitimatize these servers, and I’m crossing my fingers this actually happens in 2021. If it does, I expect a City of Heroes revival — and a return to Paragon City.

Ship of Heroes

Speaking of…

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