The Definitive ranking of (Mostly) Every Home Console Ever

Mega Dads

By Nick Edwards

We are so close to the next generation of consoles that I can practically hear my bank account wincing in pain with each passing day as if it is saying “Didn’t we just do this shit like seven years ago?” Yes…Yes we did and we will continue to do it just as we have always done and will do till the oceans rise up to swallow the land. So like six more years, tops. Looking forward has a way of making me look back as well. At all the consoles that have come before, some great, some not so great and some that didn’t really get their time to shine.

This list won’t be based on most units sold because as we all know just because something is popular (Who let the dogs out, Lost, Twilight, the way Stephen King ends his stories) doesn’t actually make it…

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