Sanctuary of the Magi

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Sanctuary of the Magi WIP

The conjoined magi were masters of communications with the strange beings beyond the walls of sleep. As infants they spoke strange tongues and received answers as if from the ether. As they aged, they took up the study of magic and the assistance of these same beings seemed to propel them into greatness – they worked opposite ends of the same spells, mastering light and darkness, heat and cold, the bright open of the air and sun and the dark enclosure of the heart of worlds.

Sanctuary of the Magi (300 dpi promotional)
Sanctuary of the Magi (300 dpi promotional)

Much to the horror of their mortal teachers, when one of the conjoined magi died, it only served to propel them into further studies of life and death, and the barriers between. By the age of twenty-two, they began to pull away from the world around them, locked in cerebral studies and attempting to forge and break…

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