My five desert island games

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From time to time, I think all gamers ponder what would be their best line-up of “desert island games” — games that you’d be OK with playing for the rest of your life if you could only have those few games. I’m sure my internal list on this might change over time, but I challenged myself to come up with five titles that would be ideal for an island without any internet connection (but, oddly enough, electricity).

For the purpose of this list, I’m focusing on single-player computer games that would come bundled with all of their expansions and DLC (if any). Without any further ado…

One: The Sims 4

This one is almost a gimme. I already know I like it, and there’s a near-infinite number of ways that you can approach and play this game. It would offer me virtual social interactions (of a sort), housing, world-building, and…

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