On re-reading Heavy Metal & navel-gazing into my RPG sessions.

Dyson's Dodecahedron

(Richard Corben)

I’ve been going through the 80’s Heavy Metal issues one storyline at a time instead of digesting the whole issue at once. I find I lose track of some storylines, or skip some episodes because I get really into another storyline and rush through the issue to read more of it.

On this re-read, I’m reminded that I really like the Den II Dramite storyline.

(Richard Corben)

A lot of early Heavy Metal storylines that really stuck with me over the years were about transformations and weird malleable otherwordly things, and the body horror of alien “pregnancy” (the last of which which is the heart of Den II). The alien pregnancy theme comes up often, which isn’t that surprising as this is the same era as the original “Alien” movie. Corben’s obsession with drawing tiddies is strong here too, but I expect that from Heavy Metal.

A lot…

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