The Mountain Temple

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Mountain Temple WIP

On a clear day you can just make out the trail leading up into the mountain north of town. When the sun hits just right on such a day you can see the glimmer of the white columns of the mountain temple itself.

It is here that would-be heroes climb to request the blessing of the gods in their endeavors. Mostly the gods are silent, but this is taken as assent by most petitioners. Occasionally the gods are not… some petitioners never return, others go on their quests blessed but also geased so they cannot abandon it.

The Mountain Temple (300 dpi promotional)
The Mountain Temple (300 dpi promotional)

There are eight shrines in the temple. Seven around the periphery and the unmarked eighth in the centre of the rings of white marble columns that hold up the domed roof overhead. When the adventurers approach, this last shrine is currently “home” to a massive naga petitioner…

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