Howler Clonkey

Samius Gurobo

Shifter – Cleric (17) Monk (2) Fighter (1)

I don’t know about you but finding the Shifter race a home that makes sense has been a lot harder then some of the other races have been over the years. The Bearbarian was a good fit, but not great. But I really love the Howler Clonkey.

The way I have been leveling the build over on my live streams has been very DC caster/staff melee lite with sick CC leaning on the Falconry and Shifter Racial trees. I gather groups of mobs and Howl effectly giving me a mass hold, followed up with Coordinated Strike blinding the mass of trash allowing No Mercy to boost my damage, repeat Howl as needed and allow strikethrough to win.

Howl of Terror in the Shifter tree is the real deal at least while leveling. Wildhunt Howl helps boost saves slightly giving the Clr’s…

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