SPELLJAMMER: AD&D goes full Science Fantasy (1989)

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A good-looking Spelljammer core box set is in the shop, and I got some great photos!

Swashbuckling on wooden ships in the void of space wasn’t my idea of D&D back in 1989. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and its predecessor had each dabbled in science fantasy, in keeping with their Appendix N roots. I’d ported over AD&D characters over to Gamma World, played Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, planned a Blackmoor campaign at one point…

But this new Spelljammer campaign setting for some reason broke my brain when it came out. Time passed, I read more adventures in Wildspace, and realized the potential of travelling between …say… the Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk on a flying ship. And all the adventures in between. Very cool.

And that Jim Holloway art really drew me in…

Spelljammer: Adventures in Space [BOX SET]

1989 … Jeff Grubb … TSR 1049 … ISBN 0880387629

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