Psionic Energy Dice


Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything came out this week, heralding the introduction of the first official psionic subclasses into 5th Edition D&D!

Two of these psionic subclasses, the Psi Warrior (Fighter) and the Soulknife (Rogue), have a class feature called Psionic Power, that gives them Psionic Energy dice to fuel different powers.

Psionic Energy dice scale in number (twice your proficiency bonus) and size (along with class level).

Double Dice?

You might be inclined to multiclass into Psi Warrior/Soulknife to double your available Psionic Energy dice pool. Not so fast.

That’s not how it works. While you won’t find this new class feature among those duplicated features with special treatment (Player’s Handbook p. 164), 5e actually has some additional patched-in rules about game effects that have the same name (Dungeon Master’s Guide p. 252). If you crack open an early printing of the DMG, you might not even find…

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