Nameless Keep Forevermore

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom

(Picture Credit gloriously goes out to Natalya Nytiaga)


My powers weakened after my duel with my demon “friend,” and I assume it to be a limited weakness passed on from my dearly deceased. What with nothing but time to spare, I retreat to Neverdeath, losing myself in the anonymity of the dead.

No fallen tomb did I find to reside within in order to regrow my strength. Instead, a nameless keep lost and forgotten in the ageless clutter of mausoleums, tombs, chateaus, and manses dedicated to the deceased.

Forevermore is what I call it, and upon first striding into the place, I sensed the energetic remains of the dead: ghosts. They sensed me too, but did not intercede. They shrank to their closets, attics, basements galore. And instead of a tomb, I found a back room in the shadows and the dust, a room once built for a…

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