Playing Video Games on PC for the First Time in 25 Years

In Third Person

The last time I played video games on a PC, I used the arrow keys to move Doom guy in Doom II. WASD controls weren’t even a thing yet.

In the mid 90s, I was put off on the platform by clunky installation processes and steep hardware requirements I couldn’t meet. Can’t run Doom on my 386? That was enough for me to abandon the largest gaming platform entirely.

Admittedly, I haven’t missed it much at all. As a diehard Nintendo fan, their first party titles have given me plenty to play. Any spare time gets filled by Sony or Microsoft. Still have my PlayStation 5 pre-order ready to rock, ensuring that I’ll stick with console gaming for at least one more generation.

Even the so, the PC gaming drought is officially over. How did I end up back here?

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10 upcoming MMOs I’m excited about (part 2)

Bio Break

Last week got away from me — gee, wonder why? — and I didn’t get around to finishing up my 10 most anticipated MMO or MMO expansion releases for 2021 list. To recap, my first five were New World, Elder Scrolls Online’s unnamed expansion, Book of Travels, Magic Legends, and LOTRO: Gundabad.

Let’s finish it out with…

An officially authorized City of Heroes fan server

Yes, we have a playable City of Heroes emulator right now — many of them, in fact. But they’re still not legitimate, a fact that kind of sours my enthusiasm to engaging with Homecoming on a long or regular basis. Talks have been in the works with NCsoft to license or legitimatize these servers, and I’m crossing my fingers this actually happens in 2021. If it does, I expect a City of Heroes revival — and a return to Paragon City.

Ship of Heroes

Speaking of…

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Shrine of the Demon Eskarna

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The rough rocks of Irloga Isle in the open seas beyond Khalesh-Sonket is home to a small cult of demon-worshippers, said to be the last remnants of the old Semut clans. Here they raise sheep and goats and make sacrifices to their ancient demon gods. The island is home to a dozen small demonic shrines in small caves and niches and carved stone pillars. But none are as important or impressive as the shrine of Eskarna.

Shrine of the Demon Eskarna (300 dpi promotional - no commercial license)
Shrine of the Demon Eskarna (300 dpi promotional – no commercial license)

A wide natural cave with a floor smoothed by untold ages of foot traffic leads into the stony hillside past side passages and massive stone pillars decorated with demonic bas reliefs. One side cave leads to a small river that runs out to sea nearby (5), the other leads up to chambers used by worshipers and occasionally the priesthood (when the demonic…

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Shadows of the Ruinous Powers – Session 40

Dyson's Dodecahedron

(Being a series of quick game notes trying to account for the events of many sessions of playing through The Enemy Within using the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1e rules.)

Session 40

Power Behind the Throne

  • Wilhelm [Wizard] – I 55
  • Wilfried [Forger] – I 53
  • Larry [Mercenary] – I 48
  • Gottlieb [Assassin] – I 43
  • Othmar [Spy] – I 46
  • Brother Nate [Cleric] – I44

Backertag – Day 4 of the Carnival

Today’s scheduled events:

  • Challenge to the Champion – Square of Martials – 11am to 1pm
  • Firebreathers – Bernabau Stadium – Noon to 1pm
  • Druidic Life Sculpting – Royal Gardens – 2pm to 4pm
  • Horse Fair – Great Park – 2pm to 6pm
  • Dwarven Valley Choirs – Royal College of Music – 3pm to 5pm
  • Snotling Football – Bernabau Stadium – 3pm to 5pm
  • Snotling Football – Bernabau Stadium – 6pm to 8pm
  • Elephant Show – Square of Martials…

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The PlayStation 5 Doesn’t Quite Give Enough Bang for Your Buck

Gamer's Outpost Press (Archived)

by Alec Kubas-Meyer, The Daily Beast

November 2020 feels like a lot of things, but the start of a new console generation isn’t one of them. And yet it must be, since I’ve been staring at the enormous, unmistakable body of Sony’s PlayStation 5 for over a week now, playing games new and old to see what “Next Gen” means for the future of interactive home entertainment.

This is a great time to release a game. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has resulted in huge swaths of the world’s population spending far more time at home than they’d like, and with the rapidly rising infection rates, particularly in the U.S. and Europe, that’s not changing anytime soon. People are starved for content. Netflix has gotten less interesting and more expensive, while the launch of all the new streaming services over the last 12 months—including the already-failed Quibi—has further fractured and confused…

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Unearthed Arcana: Subclasses Part 5 Analysis

The Kind GM

After some time from the previous installment, we have another Unearthed Arcana with some more subclass options. In this case, we have the Way of the Ascendant Dragon for the monk, and the Drakewarden for the ranger. As you can probably guess, they both have to do with dragons; and in fact do have several similarities despite the vast differences between the base classes.

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The Borderlands Caves – Level 1

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Dungeon By Committee - WIP

The Borderlands Caves are a complex of natural and creature-“built” caverns and associated dungeons where more “civilized” folk added their own living, working, and worshiping spaces to the caves.

Borderlands Caves - Level 1 300 dpi promotional no commercial license
Borderlands Caves – Level 1 (300 dpi promotional no commercial license)

This is only one entrance into the Borderlands Caves, but the most obvious one. The caves here were used as the base for a structure by the demon-worshiping Semut clans during the peak of their civilization – with some work done on the surrounding caves to incorporate them into the complex. The plan was the turn the whole façade of the entry into a huge demonic temple entry leading to worship sites, an underground auditorium, and lower levels dedicated to imprisoning heretics and to secret summoning and research chambers for senior members of the cult.

Borderlands Caves (1200 dpi)
Borderlands Caves – Level 1 (1200 dpi)

There are access points to the lower levels…

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Our Extra Life 24-Hour Marathon Starts NOW!

In Third Person

It’s showtime!

Head over to right now and join us for our Extra Life 24-hour gaming marathon! Join us for the hype, laughs, and inevitable fails as we play games and try to not fall asleep!

We’re doing all of this in support of the Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals. If you’re able to support, please click on the link below!

You can donate however much you like, but you’ll also get bonus rewards if you donate at one of the three reward tiers! This weekend is your last chance to take advantage of the offer, so make sure to get your donations in before the end of Sunday, November 8th!

See you there!

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