Thazmaniac 2.0

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I’ve been told “alchemist is great, you should try one”, for a while now, but I hadn’t gotten around to it. My static group is soon ready to TR, and I decided that I wanted to make an alchemist to run with the group. Jarvanna who has been running with the group since the start has been turned into a raid healer so I chose Thazmaniac for TR instead. Thazmaniac is a first life warlock fiend, and even though I’ve enjoyed playing her, I don’t really log her much since I finished her EDs.

This is my first attempt att making a build plan for an alchemist, so I asked for a bit of help from guild and Hamster. I made it into a blend of Amalf’s and Hamster’s suggestions (feats mostly). Here it is. Note, I may change stuff on the way. I also didn’t select spells and enhancements.

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