HOLLOW WORLD: A D&D Pulp Fantasy Campaign Setting (1990)

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The Known World of Dungeons & Dragons began taking shape in the B/X edition, making D&D distinct from AD&D, which was set in the World of Greyhawk in the early 80s. My first contact with the Known World was from the map in the D&D Expert Rulebook (1981).

Grand Duchy of Karameikos

By 1990, Mystara (as the Known World would soon be “known” – ah, puns…) had been thoroughly mapped and populated far beyond Karameikos in the excellent Gazetteer series.

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The Known World: It Isn’t Flat, But It Is Hollow!

TSR charted a new direction going inside the Known World. The project was helmed by the late, great Aaron Allston. One of my favorite RPG designers, Allston drew on drew on pulp fantasy Lost World literature – Think H. Rider…

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