Monster Mania: Giant Fire Beetle

The Dungeoneer's Journal
5th Edition Giant Fire Beetle, Art from Forgotten Realms wiki

This’ll be a slightly different Monster Mania. Usually I talk about a lore heavy monster with abilities and powers that have the potential to rock the material plane. This time around I want to discuss the Giant Fire Beetle. A humble little guy. He hasn’t much to offer, but what he does have is nostalgia for me. Way in the early days of my interest in Dungeons & Dragons I was a novice at best player, and soon to be fledgling Dungeon Master.

I had almost zero clue what I was doing. Used what online resources I could find, and played on a brand new, rollable battlemap on the floor. It would be far to long before we would use an actual table to play. It’s been a long time since this and I have a hard time remembering all…

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