The Duo-PC D&D Party

The Nerdd

Dungeons & Dragons parties come in all sizes, because it all depends on how many friends you can get around a table. Traditionally, you want four Player Characters (PCs), one Strength Fighter, on Dexterity Fighter, on Arcane Caster, one Divine Caster. This gives you a good balance in fighting ability, as well as non-combat usefulness.

New subclasses in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything bring new life to Dungeons  and Dragons

Sometimes, if you are lucky to have a lot of like-minded friends, you might have more players, a big party. You might get a couple specialists, like a Divination Wizard that can trust the rest of the party will defend them, or a Glamour Bard, that is going to get you through social encounters with flying, glittery, colors.

ART] 5 Characters Party Commission: DnD

However, sometimes Session…is coming up, and you realize you only have two players in your group. This is still going to be a lot of fun, because you have new and unique challenges to face, but…

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