Firetha 7.0

Micki's Delirium

Here’s a quickly thrown together TR build I did for Firetha’s 3rd fvs life. For her first fvs life I did vistani – which felt hard and I switched to caster in higher levels. On her current life, I was meleing at the very first levels to soon switch to casting. For the third life I wanted to try inqusitive fvs, with wisdom to hit and damage. I skipped improved precise shot, since I don’t have the dex for it (and I didn’t feel I’ll need it after I get blade barrier) and I didn’t put that much thought in’t spells, as my plan is to pew and use blade barrier. I do want to be able to get traps, though.

Planner: DDO Lite 2020-11-12

Firetha 7.0 19/1 Favored Soul/Artificer True Neutral Aasimar Level Order 1. Artificer 6. Favored Soul 11. Favored Soul 16. Favored Soul 2. Favored Soul 7…

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