Why You Should Wait To Buy A PS5… From Someone Who Has One


Let me start off by saying the PS5 is amazing and I haven’t been experiencing any of the bugs other users have been going through, like a Rest Mode bug that wouldn’t let the controller charge even if connected. The main reason I’m telling you that you should wait for whatever PS5 Slim or Pro that will follow the PS5, is the storage. Having only 825 to start with, and then take off a about a hundred or so for the U.I. and other things already pre-loaded onto the system and you’re at 667 gigabytes, which in today’s climate of games isn’t too much. If you want to download and play big AAA games like Warzone and Cyberpunk, that drops in the next coming days, you’re going to have to pick and chose what stays and what gets deleted to make space. One thing I will commend about the PS5…

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