AD&D Session 26: Gehenna

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So I’d been thinking about week about what the campaign most needed. Dreaming about how to prepare for what could conceivably happen once we got to where we had a fifth level fighter leading a 200 man Chainail unit in battle. Nailing down the situation in the area surrounding the Valley of Boons all seemed key to sorting this out.

Of course, sitting down to actually play the game, the players end up having their own ideas. I am pretty sure they don’t sit around worring about doing things that I would like to do. This is the only game I’ve ever heard of that has taken total player autonomy to this extreme. The players list off the other dungeons we’ve played in previously and talk about going back. Fluid the Druid mentions he wants to go down the spiral staircase to the underground lake but Rubiest the cleric thinks…

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