Dragon of Icespire Peak #17: Kaboom

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

The party continues making the dwarven hold Axeholm safe for the people of Phandalin to shelter from the dragon. (-GM)

23rd of Flamerule, 1495 DR (Dale Reckoning)

We continue our fight with the ghouls that attacked us, which was made easy by the powerful web I summoned to restrain them. I was also able to stand in the doorway, preventing the ghouls from attacking my fragile party members. Unfortunately, Bellowboy the Toxic runs past me and into the webs, allowing himself to be attacked by ghouls. 

I suddenly feel a subtle change in myself and my companions. It feels as if the universe has been somehow altered by the extra-planar gods of infinite power that rule over our universe. 

We easily beat the ghouls and enter the building to find ourselves in a large room with doors leading to the east, west, and south. I wish for Goliath’s help…

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