AD&D Session 27: Total Rpg Enlightenment

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Okay this was a big session. Very huge deal.

Long campaigns do not have the dynamic I would have thought they’d have. The guys with perfect attendence are going to have tremendous influence over the game. Other people will dip in and spaz out because rpgs are a religion. Best example of this is literary hero Misha Burnett who could not stand my “theater of the mind” style of play even though he literally sat in on the GREATEST SESSION I HAVE EVER RUN. Other people drift away without telling you why. Other people complain about things and end up soaking up significant swaths of Dungeon Master creative energy. That can go two ways– either compromise is reached or somebody burns out.

So a campaign like this really the outcome of how these personality differences are ultimately sorted out. Rules and scenario design develop iteratively towards something that can hold…

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