New Game Syndrome


I have a confession to make. I planned on holding out on Ghost of Tsushima until 2021, probably even until a PS5 version was released (later on when I get my hands on my PS5). However, when Cyberpunk 2077 was delayed for the final time I really needed a new world to explore so I bought Ghost of Tsushima. And I love it!

By last week (Cyberpunk 2077’s release week), I was somewhere in Act II of Ghost of Tsushima. Since starting the game I had been exploring all of the land, unlocking Mongol controlled areas and discovering every fox den and “?” on the map. I also have skinny-dipped in many meditation jacuzzis. I pre-ordered Cyberpunk months ago, when Amazon had dropped the price to $50.

At first, I told myself I wouldn’t even open Cyberpunk 2077 until I was done with Ghost of Tsushima. But when it arrived…

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