AD&D Session 28: The Gaze of Shambleau!

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Okay, this session is very, very modest. But there are a lot of little things going on that I am really happy with.

The big thing is that campaign has bifurcated. I think things are really cooking over in the jungles of Opar. The United Federation of Cavemen, Servants of the Secret Egg, Defenders of Opar and the Sacred Mushroom Circle, FOE TO ALL THINGS THAT HOP is threatening to bust out all over the campaign map. That is in connection with the Dark Crystal, an ancient artifact of unknown power. Not to mention a hot sorceress with a frog man army, her demonic alliance… oh, and the kingdom of Mushroomia, beachhead from another dimension.

If I was playing in a campaign like that, I wouldn’t want to quit! But thanks to my rather insane interpretation of the Gygaxian “real time” rules as we have begun to call them, I…

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