Underhive Meeting Place

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The great spires of industry blacken the skies of Solace. And deep within these hives there is a rot. Heretics to the creed would subvert their fellow hab dwellers and hive toilers. Here we have a small section of the deep hive – a mix of residential space (the seven rooms in the lower right), corridors, workspaces, and a small domed chamber that was once a mix of command centre and warehousing for war materiel that has now shipped offworld.

Underhive Meeting Space
Underhive Meeting Space (300 dpi)

It is in this roughly circular chamber that the hiveworkers and gangers alike gather at the end of late shifts for a bit of relaxation and companionship away from the toil. And it is here that the heretics have begun drawing followers away from the creed.

Underhive Meeting Space (1200 dpi)
Underhive Meeting Space (1200 dpi)

The growth of the heresy was slow initially. But once a few of the…

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