A Hermit’s Guide to MMOs: Which MMOs Offer the Best Single-player Experience?

Do you love exploring fantastical video game worlds, but hate interacting with strangers?

Do you spend enough time pretending to like stupid people at work, and don’t want to keep doing it whilst you’re gaming?

Do you just want to quietly roleplay in peace, without having angry neckbeards telling you to “get gud” until they spray mountain dew from their nostrils?

My friend, you are not alone.

MMOs offer some of the most captivating gaming experiences around. They are unmatched in their scale and their scope, with a breadth to their worlds and a depth to their lore that is only achievable through years, sometimes decades, of development in updates, expansions and DLC. To new players, MMOs offer a sense of boundless adventure, and seemingly unlimited opportunities to quest, explore and role-play.

The only problem is that the MMO community – the thing that puts the MM into MMO –…

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