Persuasion Check: Unearthed Arcana 2021 – Gothic Lineages

Ready To Role

It’s a new year but we still have some new Unearthed Arcana to take a look at! This time around we’re given Gothic Lineages to dive into, so let your inner goth out with these macabre player options!

As always, our Persuasion Check articles are less hardcore analysis and more commentary drawing insights and some light analysis where needed. If you want a more flavorful approach to opinions on playtest content backed up with some insights, this is the place for you! Now, follow along and let’s dig into these lineages!

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Nep’s Month in Gaming: January 2021

Nepiki Gaming

Welcome to the first news update of 2021! …Or should I say 2020 part 2, since it feels like almost nothing has changed. The world is still bricks and let’s not even talk about all the… events that have happened these past few weeks that made my brain go mush. Or the first two weeks of this year basically wasted of me being sick in bed, but oh well. Since then I’ve gotten and it has been a… rather normal month. Just work, game, sleep and repeat. Must say that something is in progress at work which, if it happens (which is very likely), that will give me a bit more insurance that I can stay here. Would be nice! Anyhow, let’s get straight into what happened this month because we got quite a lot to talk about!

I’m an uncle!

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Shadows of the Ruinous Powers – Session 52

Dyson's Dodecahedron

(Being a series of quick game notes trying to account for the events of many sessions of playing through The Enemy Within using the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1e rules.)

Session 52

Uhmmmm, folks, this isn’t the road to Kislev!

  • Gottlieb [Assassin] – I 63
  • Larry [Mercenary] – I 58
  • Othmar [Spy] – I 56
  • Brother Nate [Cleric] – I54
  • Wilfried [Forger] – I 53
  • Karl Morgenthau [Artillerist] – I 45

In the woods they warily follow the weird woman to the standing stones and a scene of horror. Human entrails and blood cover much of the stones, and the symbols of chaos on these stones have been damaged and smeared over with new symbols of bloody wolves and red snow.

The remains of a number of humans are dumped in the brush nearby – a couple of itinerant Sigmarite priests and a few other travellers.

Then the screaming starts. Something…

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10 More Tips for Beginning DMs

The Nerdd

Almost a year ago, I wrote 10 Tips for a First Time DM. Now, as we finish off our month of Dungeons & Dragons articles, I wanted to wrap it up with 10 more tips. I hope the stuff I’ve written this month is helpful to you as you write your next adventure.

Memes aren’t necessarily related to the respective paragraph.

Know What You Want

The role of a Dungeon Master is a tough one. You spend more time than anyone else working on the adventure, as you prepare, study, and plan out for the upcoming session, or many sessions. It’s important that you know why you put yourself into this position in the first place.

Perhaps you have a group that no one wants to be the DM, so you have taken on the responsibility, because if you didn’t, no one would. If that’s the case, then make…

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Way of the Word (Monk)


You know you make me wanna (shout)
Kick my heels up and (shout)
Throw my hands up and (shout)
Throw my hands back and (shout)
Come on now (shout)

The Isley Brothers

Power Words

This idea first came to me when I was thinking about how to hack charge spells into 5e. The cool tech I came up with was investing more action economy into your spells to get more out of them. Since a character already gets an action and a bonus action on their turn, we have three levels of investment a player can make: action only, bonus action only, or both.

This reminded me of the game Skyrim, whose signature mechanic was based around shouts. Shouts could be unlocked at various shrines and was powered by the souls of dragons you conquered. In Skyrim, you can power up your shouts by holding them longer…

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Ashripper Cove

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Ashripper Cove (300 dpi promo)
Ashripper Cove (300 dpi promo)

Once a contested pirate landing a few miles down the coast from the City of Brass Bowls, Ashripper earned its name when the nearby reefs destroyed the White Ash, one of the fiercest pirate vessels to operate in these waters. But no pirate dares enter the cove now, as these same reefs have become home to an infestation of Mashers (AD&D1e Monster Manual, page 65) – massive venomous spined sea worms about 12 to 15 feet long. The reefs around Ashripper Cove are extensive enough that several family groups of mashers currently harvest them for food – at least a dozen of these deadly beasts, if not more. And they nest in shallow waters of the protected caves of the old pirate cove.

Ashripper Cove (1200 dpi)
Ashripper Cove (1200 dpi)

With pirate charts in hand one could still safely navigate into the cove, but if their nesting areas…

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Raids week 209

Micki's Delirium

Raids 209 were Wednesday January 13 and Saturday January 16.


1. Legendary Vision of Destruction LH

After inviting from eeraids channel I lfm’d and we filled. I failed to pay attention and we ended up with 2 tanks. Completion time: 11 min, 59 s. Loot: 84 vision runes, 25 threads of fate, Champion of the Twins and Spark of Dream.

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I’m going on an MMO rerolling frenzy

Bio Break

You ever look at yourself, at what you’re doing, and think, “You’re so crazy! But I love you! Go for it?” The observer side of me has been doing that this whole past week as my gamer side is getting downright wacky. The reason for this split mind is that I’ve been rerolling characters left and right lately.

I’ve started over in WoW Classic. I’ve made a World of Warcraft mage to level (a first for me). I’ve even rerolled as a Necromancer in Elder Scrolls Online, and I’m contemplating a brand-new LOTRO character too.

Maybe it’s the new year finally kicking in? A desire for fresh starts and shaking things up?

I don’t think there’s any shame in rerolling. Most of the time it doesn’t pan out (which is why you should never delete your high level characters, kids — you’ll regret that), but once in a while… once…

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How to Easily Add Rounded Corners to Your OBS Camera View

In Third Person

Rounding off the corners of your camera view is a slick effect one can implement on their stream to stand out. One could achieve this effect in the old days by creating an image mask. Image masks are still great for custom shapes, but there’s an easier way to achieve that effect thanks to an OBS plugin. Here’s how to do it!

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5 Things Gamers Can Learn from the Personal Finance Communities


Previous article –What is ‘lifestyle inflation’

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I’ve mentioned my love for video games many times. You won’t meet a more genuine and inclusive community. From Fallout to Fall Guys, FarCry and Fallen Order there’s something for everyone.

But we all have our flaws. So here are my 5 things us gamers could learn from the advice regularly given in the personal finance communities…

1. Delayed gratification

Something regularly mentioned in the blogs and forums in the personal finance communities is trying to use the method of delayed gratification to stem unnecessary spending. Methods such as putting items in your online basket and coming back to it in a week/ month to see if you feel the same way about wanting to buy it are good ways to see if the value you’ll…

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