Sunless Citadel 3: Ruinous Future

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom

I, Elizabeth, do so solemnly swear to go to the Sunless Citadel afore the creatures of Sosaria destroy me. Upon the theme of vampirism, I have come to understand that my blood has waned since I slumped into torpor underneath the tombs of Britain’s ill-famed graveyard. But have no despair, dearest reader, I looked to necromancy to supply me with the bounty, the bread crumbs, the trail to the regeneration of my blood.

I spent long hours decoding a bundle of necromantic scrolls written in ghast, old vampyre, and a bit in haunt. I assembled my reagents, and dramatically I waited for the moon before I cast the Rel Xen An Sanct ritual. Make no mistake, I turned from tanned olive to blanched white in moments of casting. However, the ritual gave me a smidgeon of what a true vampire possesses. Yes, I still need to eat gross matter like…

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