When Games Invade your Dreams


There are some games that make their way into our brains even when we aren’t playing them. For instance, while playing through an intense game (something like God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man or currently Ghost of Tsushima) I find myself at work counting down the hours until I could finally go home and jump back into that world. A game is very powerful when you think about playing it any time you aren’t playing it. As I kid, there were some games that made me wake up early just to play before school.

Recently, something new happened with a game that I’d been playing possibly a bit too much. A game that I was playing (on my Nintendo Switch) infiltrated my dream world. This game was Crypt of the Necrodancer (The original, not Cadence of Hyrule — not yet at least). I was playing this game mostly right before bed…

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