Monster Mania: Spectator

The Dungeoneer's Journal

Beholderkin are far more diverse than most people would be led to believe, and they are brought into the material plane through some wild methods. The Spectator for example is forcibly transported from its realm through a ritual summons that requires at least four eye stalks from a Beholder. When it is summoned it is beholden to its summoner and does what ever is commanded of it. Typically they are used to defend important locations or treasures. I think my favorite fact about the Spectator is that they will serve their master for 101 years and I am convinced that it is because that number kind of looks like a Spectator. That’s my head-canon and no one can convince me otherwise.

Like Beholders, Spectators have a variety of eye ray attacks at its disposal. From confusions rays to a good ol’ self explanatory wounding ray, but it has some tricks…

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