The Top 5 Gaming Headlines of 2020

Mega Dads

We made it. The nightmare of 2020 is over. In so many ways, and for so many reasons, this past calendar year was a total clusterfuck. We lost loved ones to a global pandemic, rallied to combat racism and injustice, and nervously watched the foundation of democracy in America come under attack from within.

As we isolated to slow the spread of COVID-19 months passed. The lockdowns, distancing and self-quarantining took its toll on our health and we struggled to find ways to stay connected. For many, gaming became our primary social outlet, a welcome escape from reality. Keeping up with the latest gaming news also helped distract from the endlessly depressing 2020 news cycle.

Remarkably, while the world crumbled and many industries struggled, gaming became more popular than ever. Aside from the surprising news that sales were skyrocketing and that new players were coming into the fold there were…

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