My Favourite Games of 2020

Frostilyte Writes

It is time for the annual tradition of cataloging my favourite video games of the previous year so that future generations may look back at my work and mock me. I played over sixty games in 2020. Some were new, some were old. I’ve a lot to cover, so let’s lay out the ground rules and dive in.

  • All games that chart were played for the first time in 2020
  • No repeats from previous years are allowed
  • A game’s year of release has no impact on the list

Enough stalling, here’s my favourite games played last year.

Old Man’s Journey

Old Man’s Journey is a testament to the idea that as long as you have a good story and present it well then it’ll resonate with people. You don’t need to tell a story that is surprising or shocking for it to leave an impact. The viewer can know exactly…

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