9 Genres for Your D&D Adventure

The Nerdd

This will be the third January where we talk about a bunch of Dungeons & Dragons. Every month I write a D&D article, but I have a lot of thoughts about that game, so in January I try to cut down on my list of article ideas, by pushing a bunch out. Two years ago we talked about the narrative reasons one class might multiclass into any other class, which was fun. Last year, we talked about all the different building blocks of a campaign, from encounter, to adventure, to the world itself. This year, we are going to look at all the major aspects to writing your own adventure.

Once you figure out where your adventure take place, whether that’s Faerun, Eberron, or wherever, next you need to figure out what the vibe of this adventure will be.

Like a movie, an adventure should have a particular feel…

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