Humble Homebrew: Spare Pocket

The Dungeoneer's Journal

Today’s Humble Homebrew is going to be a little different. Usually I develop and release my homebrew items but today I am venturing into creating my own spells that you can add to your spell list. Now a bag of holding is practically a staple item in D&D, but just in case you don’t come across one in your travels you might need a way to hide away that powerful cursed item from prying eyes.

Spare Pocket is a low level conjuration spell giving you access to a small pocket dimension. I thought this could be a highly effective utility spell for lower level parties. I have a few concerns about it such as the material components to cast it. Maybe it’s too high a cost for a second level spell? I’m not sure. It’ll be something to work out. I’m also not sure about the dimensions and physical constraints…

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