AD&D Session 29: The Shield of Nergal

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We missed a couple of weeks due to the holidays.

During the hiatus the real time rules we pioneered last year were a powerful incentive to set up impromptu games even if it was on the same night as other people’ games. The medusa head was a powerful item… but if we waited too long to play again, it would be completely rotten when we resumed. If the players could pick up from the next day after their last session they could clear out multiple dungeon levels by leveraging the awesome power of the gaze attack. Or maybe they could have someone take the Pegasus, fly back to Trollopulous, and then turn Elric to stone.

Big things could happen. The player with the Medusa head asked if he could turn it into a permanent magic item. This is not directly addressed by the rules, but judging from the spell research…

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