Cerge TR 10, Darthpyre TR 21

Micki's Delirium

I finally got around to TR’ing Cerge, after capping Thazara after her eTR. I decided to TR Darthpyre at the same time, to get him alchemist past life and completionist feat (next life). I didn’t do a build plan for Darthpyre, and just picked an iconic he had – I chose bladeforged, which didn’t really work out so well. Currently my plan is to play Cerge with Hamster and pike Darthpyre along to cap, then TR Darth back to tank. I do plan to change the tank build a little. I forgot to screenshot Darth’s before picture, but here are Cerge’s before and after and Darthpyre after.

Cerge shadarkai 17 rogue/ 2 artificer/ 1 barbarian    Cerge pdk 6 monk/ 6 fighter/ 2 paladin

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