Shadows of the Ruinous Powers – Session 49

Dyson's Dodecahedron

(Being a series of quick game notes trying to account for the events of many sessions of playing through The Enemy Within using the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1e rules.)

Session 49

Power Behind the Throne

  • Wilhelm [Wizard] – I 65
  • Gottlieb [Assassin] – I 63
  • Larry [Mercenary] – I 58
  • Othmar [Spy] – I 56
  • Brother Nate [Cleric] – I54
  • Wilfried [Forger] – I 53

Brunhilde Klaglich is nigh impossible to interrogate as the potion she consumed renders her incredibly drunk and immune to pain and generally any considerations of personal safety.

But in her lair some essential keys to the issues at hand were found. First the young girl smuggled into the city by the beastmen turns out to indeed be Reiner Ehrlich’s niece Reya who puts on quite the show of indignity and a whole series of demands that she be taken to her uncle and the constabulary…

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