8 Steps to Building a D&D Villain

The Nerdd

So you are planning your next Dungeons & Dragons adventure, or maybe even the campaign itself, and you know that a story is only as good as it’s conflict. This usually translates to a hero is only as good as it’s villain, which is what we’ll be talking about today, though it is important to note that not every D&D adventure needs a villain (maybe we’ll talk about that someday).

There are a lot of things that a villain needs, and while this isn’t everything you should consider, you also don’t need everything on this list. These are just the things I go through when planning my next BBEG.

Because none of my players read this website, I’m going to be discussing the villain that I’m building up to in my current campaign, so you can see how I use these ideas myself.

What is a BBEG?

A Big Bad…

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