The Games I Beat in 2020


2020 was a huge year for gaming. Even with two brand new console launches (PS5 and X-Box Series X and S) to close out the year, the Nintendo Switch was still the best seller all year long. There were even points early on in the pandemic when the Switch was sold out (this is over three years after its initial release). I played games for many, many hours last year. I know this to be true because Nintendo even sent me an email stating that my gaming hours in 2020 had almost quadrupled since 2019. I’m still waiting on my Playstation 2020 stats email.

Everyone played games in 2020. Even people who weren’t gamers got into games — or back into games. What else were we supposed to do? Not play games while home in lockdown. I even got my girlfriend back into games. And, from March to the summertime…

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