5 ways to earn money with your gaming PC in 2021

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It’s hard to find income streams that don’t require a large time commitment. If you own a reasonablypowerful computer, though, you’re already positioned well to make an extra few hundred bucks a month without investing too much of your spare time. While you can technically make money online by streaming, affiliate marketing, blogging, or creating a YouTube channel, these aren’t very reliable streams of income, as 99% of people don’t succeed. As such, this article will avoid those kind of strategies and cover some more realistic ways to make money using your gaming rig. Additionally, I’ll only include strategies that I’ve personally used and had success with, so you can trust that these are achievable by the average PC-owning person.

1. Mining cryptocurrency:

It’s no secret that crypto is booming right now. Bitcoin’s price currently hovers around $40k, while Ethereum costs over $1000. With these high prices, mining cryptocurrency is…

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